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Fine Blanking
Fine blanking is a one hit production process for precision sheet metal parts. When the need is to manufacture high quality components with better flatness, surface finish, better dimensional tolerances, the solution is fine blanking.
Unlike conventional methods like casting, forging, chip removal machining etc. there is no need for secondary operations like milling, grinding, drilling etc, what’s more, the part processed is ready for assembly immediately.
Fine blanking gives you the power of versatility. Creative design solutions like bending, semi-piercing, countersinking, deep drawing etc are possible by combining cold forming with fine blanking.
LGB is fully equipped to meet your demands for both fine blanking and creative forming so that you get the advantage of cost savings, reduced process time, fast operations and course parts that are of outstanding dimensional, flatness and shape accuracy.

Fine blanking works through total precise process control. This is done through a coordinated action between a triple action fine blanking press (separate regulation facility for total pressure, v-ring pressure and counter/ejection pressure) and a fine blanking tool. The fine blanking tool is a specially designed complete press tool with a v-ring and an extremely small die clearance. LGB brings to bear its expertise in all areas of operation right from process metallurgy and tool engineering to press design, to give customers the very best in fine blanking.

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