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Timing chain tensioners will improve the operation of chain drives by keeping the tension constant. Because the tensioners are effective in
reduction of noise
uniform & more efficient transmission of drive torque
decreasing wear
extending life of chains
These units are easy to install & maintenance-free. The spring-loaded units, available in rotational & movement types, will automatically keep the tension constant, eliminating frequent manual adjustments that would interrupt the operation of the machinery.
All tensioners should be installed on the slack side of chains. It is also recommended, for all tensioners, that the tension force be applied from the outside of the chain loop as to not reduce the wrap-around angles of the chain over the sprockets.
Function of Tensioners
The function of the tensioner is to give & maintain proper tension to the chain. The tensioner does not slip back but will move forward for ideal chain tension as the chain elongates. Whether Plunger-type
or any other, tensioners prevent chain whipping , back lash & allow timing chain to attain its maximum working life.
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